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Banana Granola Recipe (Vegan)

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Banana Granola Recipe (Vegan)

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  • Author: Elika


This Banana Granola recipe gives you all the deliciousness without all the added sugars so common in grocery store granola.  You can even swap and/or add ingredients to give this granola the flavour you are looking for.  Chocolate Banana?  Tropical Banana?  Both good choices!!



Dry ingredients;

700 gm organic rolled oats

1 cup almonds roughly chopped

1 tbsp cinnamon

Wet ingredients;

3 large bananas

¼ cup almond butter

¼ cup maple syrup


100 gm desiccated coconut

20 gm goji berry

20 gm pumpkin seeds

20 gm sunflower seeds

10 gm chia seeds

pinch pink salt


  • Preheat the oven to 160c
  • Line a large baking tray with baking paper
  • Put all ingredients for the dry base in a medium mixing bowl & fully combine
  • In a separate bowl, smash the bananas until smooth with the back of a fork or potato masher
  • Combine fully with the rest of the wet ingredients
  • Combine the wet & dry ingredients and fully combine
  • Pack tightly the baking tray with ingredients place in the oven
  • Every 10 minutes remove the tray and flip the ingredients to ensure even cooking but try not to break up too much and avoid keeping the oven door open too long
  • Remove after 30- 40 minutes or when the granola is crunchy & starting to brown but not burnt
  • Once baked pour into a large mixing bowl and add all the remaining ingredients from the toppings
  • Fully combine leaving the granola in large clusters
  • Allow the mixture to fully cool before transferring to a large airtight container for up to 2 weeks


  • Use any seeds, pumpkin, chia & sunflower seeds are my favourite but you can use one or even linseeds seeds. 
  • Add to the topping any mixed dried fruit or sultanas, goji berries or raisins work well
  • Use any nuts, almonds, cashews & walnuts are my favourites but you can use one or even macadamia, pecan, hazelnut, brazil or omit nuts if you have an allergy
  • Add cacao nibs for a chocolate touch or coconut flakes for a tropical flavour 
  • Swap almond butter for any nut butter or seed butter like tahini 
  • I love to top with fresh fruit when serving, especially blueberries or strawberries in season (preferably organic as berries are high in pesticides) and with a serving of organic coconut yoghurt

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