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Hello! I’m Elika, a certified nutrition and energy coach. I help clients transform their approach to eating, exercise and well-being so they can fulfil their potential both professionally and personally. My philosophy is rooted in eating whole, seasonal foods that satisfy, movement that sparks joy, and identifying and removing energy blocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

When we work together we’ll identify where you are now, where you want to be, and create a plan to ensure you get there. By identifying what’s important to you and adopting a holistic approach, you will lose weight, increase your energy levels, enhance mental clarity, and feel healthier and happier.


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What Clients Say

“What attracted me to Elika is her breadth of knowledge and her holistic, more balanced approach to health overall.

She not only focuses on nutrition, but also lifestyle. She talks about sustainable lifestyle changes, incorporating nutrition, sleep, supplementation, stress, work-life balance, everything really. So that someone can transform themselves and live their best life and feel optimal.As a health care professional, Elika’s approach resonates with me because I see this from a health care standpoint – no fads, no dieting. Everything that she puts forward I’ve found to have some scientific basis. It makes sense to me.”



Is a nutrition and energy coach what I need?

  • I keep hearing I need to eat cleaner/ keto/ gluten-free, but I’m not sure if that’s right for me or how to go about it
  • I feel tired all the time and rarely feel refreshed after sleeping
  • I know what I should be eating, but I struggle to find the time to incorporate healthy eating habits into my hectic day-to-day schedule
  • I’m doing all of the ‘right’ things, but I can’t seem to lose weight
  • I feel sluggish, my energy levels are inconsistent, and I often hit a mid-afternoon slump
  • I want to lose weight but I can’t find a diet that works for me and is easy to maintain
  • I feel like my body isn’t functioning harmoniously but I’m not sure why despite my best efforts
  • I want to be able to perform consistently with 100% mental clarity at work
  • I don’t have the energy to invest in other people and relationships after a busy working day
  • I’m so busy at work and travel all the time that I struggle to maintain my healthy intentions

If any of these statements resonate with you, get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation to explore how I can help you take control of your health and well-being. Together, we’ll identify what is important to you and create a plan that enables you to achieve your goals and unlock success.



“Elika changed my way of approaching not just to food, but also to lifestyle.

She did it in a totally sustainable way and 18 months later I can still keep up with what she has taught me.”


“I would recommend Elika to people who are stuck in their career.

Or people who are busy with their career to notice anything else going round (bad habits which become worse over time).”


Here’s How It Works


  1. Book a free consultation to discover more about health and energy coaching and if it would be a good fit for you.
  2. We’ll discuss what the right approach is for you and, if there’s chemistry, you can select a plan which best suits your needs
  3. Achieve your goals! With my support and your determination, you will succeed.



Choose A Plan


The Good Gut Guide Portrait_Elika Tasker

The good-gut guide: your 10-day path to optimal nutrition

A 10-day course delivered via video to your inbox providing daily steps that will transform how you nourish your body. You’ll receive exclusive access to recipes, shopping lists, and healthier alternatives to kick-start your journey towards optimal nutrition. Plus, we’ll get you set up for success with a pantry makeover, to ensure you always have hassle-free, healthy snack and meal options at your fingertips.



The Soulfull Program with Elika Tasker

The Soulfull Program

The life-changing 30-day programme for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and career-focused individuals to align mind, body, and soul.



12-Week Concierge with Elika Tasker

The 12-Week Concierge

The 12-week concierge service
In partnership, we will create a personalised blueprint for healthy living that will result in a leaner body, increased energy, mental clarity, and deep restorative sleep. A transformative experience for ambitious professionals who need to prioritise health and well-being. You will receive dedicated implementation support throughout the programme, ensuring you have the right tools to navigate breakthroughs precisely when you need them.



Corporate Wellness with Elika Tasker

Corporate Wellness

I offer a range of services tailored for your organisation to promote health and wellness and all of the benefits that brings to your people. My workshops cover nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, productivity, a holistic approach to achieving peak performance, and more. I can also advise on your food offering to your employees and how this may impact organisational performance.
Schedule a conversation with me today to discuss further.


Female Mastermind Circle with Elika Tasker

Female Mastermind Circle

A weekly community that gathers to share ideas, elevate skills, and get support while providing an opportunity to expand your network. If you are struggling with a mental block in your personal life, or an obstacle in your professional world, a mastermind session can help you find the clarity you need. You should arrive willing to speak the truth and expect to hear it in return. My mastermind classes are accompanied by a delicious, healthy, hearty breakfast.


Clients I’ve Worked With Include