The Energy Optimisation Coach
I help purpose driven professionals prioritise their well-being so they have the energy and mental clarity to succeed at work and in their relationships.
Hi, I'm Elika.
If you're here its because you are ready to accept a new sense of reality and this really makes me smile. Most people are looking for shortcuts, quick wins, aEsthetic  plasters to their problem and everyone that comes to me wants change at a celluLar level that creates a ripple affect in all areas of their life.

I'm known as an expert in unlocking something special in you, getting you to understand what makes! The insights that creates change that the mainstream one size fits all approach just can't get to you!

Always a Rebel, I questioned everything and its this growth mindset that allowed me to find answers where others said there is only 1 path. 
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My journey towards becoming a trusted advisor and energy optimisation coach began after visiting a functional medicine doctor and receiving a concerning diagnosis.

Not one, but four red flags were raised. I had adrenal fatigue, PCOS, insomnia, and liver damage.

I had stopped listening to my body and instead, was pushing it to the limits.

I felt that if I worked hard, I would receive more recognition and ultimately be happy but little did I understand, I'm not a machine!

After 11 years of corporate career climbing I found my purpose !!!
I got excited about a new life that was striving for what I believed in versus getting paid more
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So I quit! I threw myself into personal growth, studying over 56 dietory theories, getting my coaching certificate at a time when you had to explain what a coach was.   I decided to take accountability for my health and started to prioritise it above all else. My recovery was 100% medication-free. By making incremental lifestyle changes, I soon noticed huge changes taking place in my body.

Still the high achiever I decided to open an organic restaurant whilst my coaching business was taking off

only to land my 2nd burnout.

This is when I believe my true work came, taking support from indigenous elders, I travelled around the world. I started my journey inwards and plugging the energy leaks in my life.  The end of an 18 year relationship, the sale of my business and a decision to rebuild from a place of peace, joy and harmony without chasing the materialistic success and external validation.

The West teaches us to chase material success, I learnt from the East the power of the mind, relationships and purpose!

Now I can work from my phone and laptop 3-4 hours a day.

My personal job description is to meet exciting interesting people and guide them to their most authentic self.

We start the work inside out. Its an upgrade of minds, transformation of the physical and emotional body, its a cellular level upgrade considering all the inputs including nutrition, people and environment and all the outputs of how you impact people once your energy is consistent and operating in high frequencies.

I will get you to belief what's possible for you once we create new awareness, personalised habits and a support structure that allows you to tap into the best version of you. 

Let go of the story of your limitations, forget the external conditioning that prevents you from being tuned into your heart, gut and inner whispers of your soul!

Its time to start a partnership that allows you to quantum leap to the best version of you, so that you can finally start to have the impact you are here to have! 

 If you’re ready to live your life to the fullest and find more peace, joy and harmony, then lets start this journey together!

Every transformation requires a new relationship, Im excited to start ours today!
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Business graduate with CIPD

Certified Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, USA

Certified Raw Food Chef,  Culinary School, Indonesia

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