Middle Eastern Chicken and Vegetables | Elika Tasker

Middle eastern chicken and vegetables

This recipe bursting with Middle Eastern flavors, which combines tender chicken thighs marinated in aromatic spices like sumac and za’atar, simmered with tomatoes, and served with perfectly roasted broccoli. It’s also high in protein and gluten-free, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to maintain high energy levels throughout the day.

Ready to elevate your meal prep? Dive into the full recipe below and enjoy a delicious, wholesome meal that’s sure to become a favourite in your healthy eating repertoire.

This dish can be served with my Socca bread or equally good on its own.

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Middle Eastern Chicken and Vegetables | Elika Tasker

Middle Eastern Chicken and Vegetables

  • Author: Elika


3 chicken thighs 

1 medium red onion 

2 garlic cloves

1 tablespoon of olive oil

2 tablespoon of middle eastern spices – sumac & zatar

1 tin of plum tomatoes

1 bay leaf

1 head of broccoli 

1 cup of water or stock

salt and pepper final seasoning



Don’t go light on the marinate, the more flavoursome the better

Keep the water when you steam vegetables in the fridge and you will have your own stock to hand, even better add to ice cube trays so you can have them portioned off

I always keep spinach, fresh herbs in the freezer to add to dishes like this from frozen

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