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How To Get Beautiful Skin Naturally

If your skin was your only clothing what would you change?

We have all heard that beauty is skin deep. So when thinking about skin, in health, our focus really is how to look at our inner world so our outer world can shine. As true as everything, in the worse times our skin is a very easy way to reflect problems on the inside.

The skin repairs itself roughly every 27 days and as the largest organ in your body. It’s made from protein (collagen), fats (lipids) and water, amongst other minerals.

What we do today can impact our skin so fast. Most of our approaches to the skin are on the external protective layer, the epidermis. Clearly, as a protective layer, any harsh impacts from chemicals, weather and exposures in our environment can be very impactful. However, by ensuring daily our inner work supports the fast regeneration of healthy and vibrant new skin we can be very impactful.

Avoiding processed foods that have harmful chemicals and preservatives added that disrupt the delicate balance in our digestive system. Most of these processed foods will have added sugar which created an acidic environment where the skins cells are inflamed.

Dairy is also known to be a key player to disrupting our hormones, creating breakouts on the skin. This is especially due to the number of hormones in dairy products as well as antibiotics which we consume as a byproduct.

Dehydrating the cells is one sure way to create extra wrinkles and not benefit from the plumb voluminous appearance we get from collagen, one of the major proteins in the skins. So hydrating well whenever drinking alcohol and caffeine can help in addition to reducing the quantity of these drinks. 

Lastly by providing crucial support to the Liver which is responsible for the detoxification process or ‘removal of toxins’ we allow the skins cells to shed anything that is not vital.

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