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The 3 ways to sustainable health


Gyms are losing up to 50% memberships that have subscribed within the same year and its considered that up to 95% of diets fail

With these alarming statistics it’s worth considering a sustainable approach to maintaining good health. When looking at our health, it’s important to see this through a balanced lense, that is the best long term approach with immediate or short term benefits, either weight loss, resolving a persistent issue, or just feeling better overall.

I’ve come to realise that the aspects of ourselves we need to be connected with for a 360° view of our health fall under 3 key areas:

Our Mind – The human brain and mind was designed for growth, if we are not expanding our knowledge, moving forward in areas of our life, we do not feel fulfilled. The science now shows through neurogenesis (the birth of new neurons) that we can take steps to support this growing process.

Our Body – Limbs, muscles & tissues were all designed for movement. We must understand the functional moves required of our body and apply a balanced approach to our needs through cardio – the ability to pump oxygenated blood around the body, strength – the ability to create resistance and flexibility for optimal physical performance.

Soul – As mammals belonging to planet Earth, we are born with an intuition that guides us, an animal instinct that keeps us alive. With the ability to access information so easily nowadays (I mean look at the convenience of a calculator or my best friend Google) it’s easy to allow this muscle of intuition to be weakened. Through meditation and spiritual practices we can reconnect to our intuition and reduce our reliance on external factors and instruments to guide us.

Remembering that when the body is in balance “dis-ease” does not occur. Let’s look at health as a 360° issue and not through a narrow focus lense.


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