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Are you clear about your weight loss goals?

Over 50% of my clients said weight loss is their number one goal and 65% stated their fitness goals are due to body shape. 

So how comfortable are we talking about this as a priority for ourselves? 

I’ve noticed that weight loss as a health goal is becoming a bit ‘taboo’. It’s great that we are understanding more than just aesthetics, that we are also considering longer term goals like health concerns linked to weight, but it’s undeniable for most of us that we want to shift the weight. Could more acknowledgement around this lead to more results?

If you would like to lose weight, don’t be vague about it. First set your goal – how much weight do you want to lose?  Make your goal clear so that it’s measureable. 

Gather information.  Are there health issues in your family history that you need to be aware of?  Do you have any current health issues that can subject you to gaining weight or create a difficulty around losing it?  Knowing what challenges you may face is going to give you the opportunity to find the solutions to those challenges instead of an excuse to give up!

Now it’s time to find your ‘why’?  Being clear on our ‘why’ can connect us to a much more powerful motivator!  Is it the confidence you know you will have in work, around others and in your relationships?  Is it the comfort you have when you feel lighter, more movement, less restrictions? Or do you simply just want to look good naked???   Any reason that you have…it’s totally ok – all reasons are valid. It’s also important to remember that being clear on your why can help you make your goal a reality.

I recommend once you are clear on your goal and your why – write it down and journal about what reaching this goal would allow you to do and how you will FEEL. 

When on the weight loss path, we tend to get hit by our own self sabotaging behaviours.  These behaviours got us into this place where we feel we need a change so it’s worth creating an awareness that there has to be some new habits that can be swapped for old ones.  It’s important to start noticing your own self sabotage. Have you ever had a great workout and then for post workout you ‘treat’ yourself to that over indulgent dinner thus undoing all the hard work you just did?  Instead you could treat yourself to a plant based creative meal. This is just 1 example – start watching, what old behaviours will take you further away from your goal instead of closer to it?

Next – have conversations with your loved ones, friends and anyone supporting you to achieve this goal. It’s important to put your objective out there – to call in the support & accountability you need to achieve this goal.  

Creating a clear vision for your life, one that you can articulate to yourself and others and a plan on how you will achieve it, will increase your chances of achieving the goals you have for yourself and ensure you have the support to get there.


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