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Healthy Habits That Help You Win at Life

Do you ever really consider whether you need to brush your teeth in the morning?

No, because you have a healthy habit. This a perfect energy technique because not to have to make small decisions is so fulfilling. Sources suggest that we make 35,000 decisions a day! So, automated decision making through good habits means that we can put our energy into things that matter to us.

So when it comes to success I use the same approach that I do with everything: if I’m not good at it, I outsource it or learn from the best and replicate it.

To be a top performer we need optimal health. This is often found by incorporating small healthy habits that we can successfully sustain in the long term. What does success mean anyway? Is this what all top performers are ultimately aiming for?

What I’ve found is the healthy habits of those at the top are not that different from everyone else. They are just someone who chooses to embody a particular behaviour. A long list is not going to hit the mark because it’s likely to be unsustainable. Over the last 10 years, I’ve realised what works, what’s realistic and what I can maintain.

Here’s what works for me

My morning lemon water

Lemon is a direct dose of vitamin C (immune-boosting nutrient). Lemon water has a natural cleansing effect for my liver, which is taxed with the job of removing toxins from my body. By drinking warm water with lemon, I not only hydrate my body whilst it’s in a fasted state but I give my body an internal deep clean. The warm water is especially easy to consume for women as it’s not shocking on the organs. Whilst drinking my lemon water I’m able to perform small functional tasks like opening curtains, turning on lights etc


I don’t like the word exercise, as the correlation my mind has is of hard work. If it’s hard work on the days where my energy is low (which for women is a minimum of 1 week in every 28 days) then I know I’m either going to push my body to do something it’s telling me it doesn’t want to. My movement practice can be a walk around the block, straight to my yoga app or 3 circuits of machines in the local playground. Typically I’m looking for 30-60 minutes of movement per session. 


When I have nothing in the calendar for evening events, it’s a must for me to be in bed by 10 pm. This helps me to sustain an energised and easy 6 am wake routine. On those 2-3 nights a week where there may be later occasions my routine is fixed so I’m still able to wake and feel rested with around 30 minutes or so snooze if I need it. 


By the time I’m back from my workout, I’m stretched and feel much more content to sit and relax into meditation. After 7 years of meditation, I still find my overly active mind and body prefers guided meditation. However, I often sit at the end in silence as I have shifted into a more peaceful state by this point.


The truth is I was not able to keep up this habit until I realised one day that I journal when things go wrong. Why not journal as a reflective way to stay on track with what’s going on in my mind? This acts as a form of prevention instead of sorting through something that has already gone wrong. Seems simple, but this was a game-changer for me. I’m committed to journaling at any time of the day. My goal is that  I must write what’s happening in my mind down at some point every day. It’s so amazing seeing what comes down on paper unexpectedly from this habit. I’m also found that I’m able to retain energy that I unconsciously would have been leaking.

I can say that these healthy habits I’ve been able to sustain for over 5 years allow me to feel that I’m in line with my ultimate goal of success which is defined by freedom (including geographical & financial freedom) and inner peace, the true aspiration of those seeking happiness. 

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