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6 Ways to Living Healthy


What if it’s true that  95% of our thoughts and behaviour come from our subconscious mind? This gives us a different way of looking at living healthy. 

As an inquisitive person, I have always been curious about myself. It comes as no surprise that I’m also inquisitive about others. I wanna know what makes me do the things that I do and what makes me a better person. As someone that’s guilty of being their own worst critic, I observe patterns of behaviour very closely, including what are truly valuable steps to take in order to transform your life for the better.

Here’s what I can share from my experience and also from facilitating this change within my clients:


We come into this world almost like an empty hard drive, just waiting for someone to install their software and happily this comes in the form of our parents or guardians. Then later, our teachers and society-at-large take on that role. 

By our early 20s, we become very clear that it’s time to close down some of those screens that are preventing the system from running efficiently. These limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts are easily hijacked by education. For example, believing that by counting calories I can stay healthy didn’t last long, neither did the education that I needed to drink milk for calcium. Nor that if I got sick the Doctor would always know the answer or at worse have the medicine to heal me and inform me of the side effects


From my education above I came to understand that the removal of toxins is important for the body to work optimally. Toxins are excreted through our skin, urine, breath & faeces physically. But, there are also visual and auditory toxins. By identifying what is draining your energy you start to plug holes and this allows you to feel more vitalised. In addition, more than ever we need to remove the toxins that are entering our body unknowingly.

Food is either medicine or poison

How can it be that the very system that is there to feed us would poison us? But it’s true that the very essence of the modern food industry was established to provide us with convenience and them with profit and not to provide food for nourishment & substance. 

This place of profits-over-purpose become the driver to convince us in everything we read or see in clever marketing. But it’s vitally important that we access the knowledge that our ancestors had of which foods act as medicine in our bodies. Like all mammals, the human diet is the one that effectively aids the production and recycling of healthy, functioning cells. 

Gut health

Who would have known that when we refer to the gut feeling and butterflies in our stomach this is because we truly do have a 2nd brain that sits in our gut? The trillions of microbes that make up our personalised ecosystem referred to as the microbiome needs to be maintained. The connection of the gut to the brain results in communication from poor food to unwanted mental conditions such as anxiety, fogginess or even depression. Feeding the 3 pounds or more of gut bacteria with the right foods literally drives the way our body speaks to us.

Stress management

Yes, you can drink green smoothies all day & have a dedicated workout routine. But, it’s important to identify aspects of your life where stress is a consistent pattern. Chronic stress has a spiralling effect on our immune system, communicating to our bodies that we are in danger. Implement a stress management practice (like meditation) that is right for us, helps us to effectively channel the stressors in our environment & daily routines. 

Sleep and lifestyle changes to manage stress are arguably more important than nutrition on the journey to living healthy. 

Return to our natural habitat

In the crusade to develop, to progress & to achieve, we’ve destroyed our natural habitat. We’ve also forgotten what are the true essentials to our survival.  We have forgotten some vital components to our wellbeing:

  • the human being’s natural diet
  • the colours that stimulate our senses and even activate our hormones
  • the sounds that soothe our nervous system
  • the sunshine that energises our cells
  • the need for community and connection with our tribe.

However, all is not lost! By working through these 6 steps we develop a clear roadmap to what true health looks like. By consciously creating a shift in our behavioural patterns we create a new way of living healthy.

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