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Feel the Fear and DO It Anyway!

You close your eyes, you get that sinking feeling that comes with the anxiety of change and a knowing that you’re about to go outside of your comfort zone…

You see the thing is, this is the pain point that most people stop at. It’s fundamentally what disables them, and prevents them from achieving their dreams. 

So what is this obstacle of fear and why do we need to experience this?

Fear is a survival instinct and without it, the early human race, surrounded by predators and natural dangers would never have been successful in procreating and populating the earth to the extent we have today as the dominant species on planet Earth (whether that’s a good or bad thing, I’ll leave for another time). 

We were created with hormonal instincts to know when our lives were in danger or to identify a threat.  The problem occurs when it’s actually just a room full of people waiting eagerly for you to deliver your speech and not a bunch of dangerous animals’ eyes staring out at you from the dark.  But regardless of this, our instincts and primordial brain response are feeling the exact same threat.

When you can learn to embrace fear, rather than fight it, you become capable of achieving your greatest dreams as you will no longer find excuses. Excuses that hold you back like why you can’t ‘lose weight’, ‘quit your job’, ‘leave a bad relationship’, or why you can’t start that business, ask that guy or girl out, compete in that sporting event. You actually train the muscles of resilience so much that the first question you ask is ‘how am I  going to…?’ and not ‘why is this happening to me?’, freeing you from the victim mentality and taking complete responsibility for everything that happens to you in your life (or at least your response to it). 

Understanding the difference between the built-in navigation tool of ‘intuition’ we all have over our ‘fear’ responses can be very helpful to learning how to embrace and manage fear. Intuition is that guiding inner-voice that draws you close to doing something without a need to explain why. On the other hand, fear is the opposite energy that pushes us away from doing something and we have multiple explanations as to why we are not able to ‘lose weight’, ‘leave the job that makes us miserable’, or many other examples in which you can fill in the blanks!

So ultimately your awareness that it’s just fear that’s building up inside of you; when you feel the fear, identify it for what it is, embrace it, talk to it like you would a small child, and then tell it why you will overcome it. When you begin to believe in your ability to do that then you simply watch your resilience to fear grow and grow, along with your ability to overcome fear and to see the real meaning & the signs of the possibility of an exciting new challenge ahead!


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