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How to notice your self sabotage?

Why would anyone want to sabotage themselves for the things that create happiness?

Well, it turns out that this is a common trait on the way to achieving long terms goals. Typically it’s based on our fears or limiting beliefs that we have created over time.

The most common self-sabotage I see in my profession is over drinking or eating habits that are destructive to personal goals.

I’m conscious of my own self-sabotage and the following helped me to understand why and the actions I need to take.

Firstly, from the age 0-3 years old we are literally a sponge, absorbing every knowledge of how to behave from our first carers and yup, it’s, therefore, true that even though our parents do the best that they can with the knowledge they have, we typically absorb some beliefs that are then quite destructive as an adult. From 3- 7 years old we may be adding our own personality to those beliefs but it?s only after this point are we really creating our own beliefs and untangling those (if we are aware) from those earlier years.

Secondly,  now as an adult we have an opportunity to invest in our personal growth and see the destructive patterns from our past. We see how they show up in our relationships, eating habits and work. All those times we set goals only to fall back to our old habits. However, we have something to our advantage..awareness!

Lastly, with this awareness, we can now play the game of being the observer of our behavioural patterns and taking a powerful decision to make a change to these patterns to create the success we want in our lives to achieve the goals that we have defined are essential to our personal happiness.

So the question is, do we choose to stay on the rollercoaster of moving forward, sabotage and then finding a way to get back on track or do we identify the patterns and make a choice to change the behaviour?


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