Nutritionist _ Elika Tasker

Nutritionist: Why I Want to be Seen Beyond the Label

For many, I’m simply seen as a nutritionist, but my journey and my passion for what I do run far deeper than a mere label. In the world of health and wellness, labels are often thrown around carelessly, and it’s easy to get boxed into a singular identity.

A Journey Rooted in Family and Flavor

My love affair with food began at the heart of my family gatherings. It was a time when happiness found its purest form, and our connection to food was a celebration of life itself. Despite having a working parent, I was fortunate to grow up with home-cooked meals. These moments, aside from a brief university stint of processed foods, instilled in me the belief that healthy food could be as exciting as any indulgence.

A Shift in Perspective in Nutrition

My journey into the realm of health and nutrition began like most – first with exercise and then with nutrition. My early days with a personal trainer introduced me to the world of macronutrients. It was a revelation, offering me a fresh perspective on healthy eating through the lens of food as medicine. While I couldn’t fully embrace the strict chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato regimen, I was intrigued. This led me on a quest to find an evolved way of eating, one that felt less restrictive, allowed for a social life, and maintained my ideal weight.

Nutritionist _ Elika Tasker

Nutritionist Journey, Holistic Learning and Ancestral Insights

My path eventually led me to the largest nutrition school globally, offering a holistic approach and an overview of 56 dietary theories. My intuition guided me towards delving deeper into ancestral eating patterns, an exploration that took me to indigenous cultures around the world. The Maui taught me their unique method of cooking food underground, the Aborigines reminded me of the medicinal properties of plants, and the Indians shared the precious wisdom of Ayurvedic cooking. Over a decade spent in Asia unveiled the stark disconnect between how elders ate and the newer generations. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when I explored my ancestral roots in Jamaica and Costa Rica, strengthening the bond with my heritage diet.

Gut Health: A Starting Point as a Nutritionist

Why do I often begin with the gut? Because I believe that a clear-thinking mind is essential for my clients. Facing challenges requires strong cognitive function, not brain fog. Strategic thinking demands a sharpness of the mind, a gift of great gut health. Once we’ve laid this foundation, we can delve deeper into the heart and mind.

So, When You Ask if I’m a Nutritionist…

I pause, and I smile. For my work goes beyond the conventional. It delves into the realms of energy, ancestral wisdom, and holistic well-being. It’s about unlocking the full potential within, helping you thrive personally and professionally.

So, call me what you will, but know that I am here to guide you on a journey far richer than any label can contain.


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