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Resistance or Surrender – how do you overcome the challenge?

Surrender:  to stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority?

This is the Google definition of surrender so it must be right, hey?

Now, I’m not on a battlefield so maybe you’re like me and asking how can we surrender to what feels like the biggest challenges, or burdens on our shoulders in life. Whether it is the bully tactics of a boss, divorce, extreme illness or financial woes

Turning 37, I felt a profound wisdom like I just got it! The cycle of resistance and then more pain became sooooo clear to me and like a game, I became respectful of the process to win!

I have some clear steps that I follow in the strengthening of my ‘surrender muscles’ that I’d like to share with you;

Do not be a victim, when life’s challenges knock on our door it’s so easy to become the victim and start asking all the wrong questions; “Why is this happening to me???  I did x,y,z and I’m still not happy, why?”

But what if we asked more powerful questions like; What am I supposed to learn from this?? Just notice how the brain starts to develop a different perspective when we internalise responsibility for ourselves and the events in our lives, rather than externalising them and blaming events, others, or simply the entire universe!

Remove resistance and embrace the challenge. You what??? Embrace this??? I hear you, but we know from any form of work-out when the muscle hurts, the fibres are simply being torn down and we are given the opportunity to rebuild them stronger. This simple awareness allows us to find enjoyment in the moment.

See the bigger picture. If we understand that everything is not happening to us but for us, then we can become an observer in our lives by taking a step back and maybe even asking ourselves, when I’m 80, how much will this mean in the grand scheme of things??

For sure when we are in the moment of experiencing our greatest challenges we feel the pain, the emotion & the frustration but the awareness of these patterns gives us the toolset to wade through any dark moments which allows us to get to the other side much faster. If you’re going through hell, better keep going.


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