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The one drink you need to reduce your caffeine intake & it tastes like espresso!

Oh, but I love the taste of coffee!… this is an obstacle I have to overcome with many of my clients – the addiction to caffeine.

For some of them, consuming up to 6 cups of coffee a day has become the norm. For others it may only be a 1-2 cup a day habit but the reality is their lack of sleep, need for energy & addictive habit is clearly a sign that the coffee isn’t actually helping!

I mean “could you go a day without coffee?” If the answer is no, then isn’t that an addiction? Food & drink should be consumed with enjoyment of course, but I question anything that I can’t go without for a day.

Now let’s not go down the road of “is coffee good or bad for you?”, but my general answer is, as with any plant, that it can be considered as real food but definitely its stimulating nature means different people are sensitive to coffee to varying levels.

So I was soooo excited when I learnt about a beverage that could provide a perfect alternative. If the addiction was more to do with habit then it could tick that box. But most importantly, it tastes like an espresso!!!!

Dandelion Tea is made from the roots of the Dandelion plant roasted & ground. The whole plant can actually be used for a variety of health benefits. The roots are used sometimes with a blend of other plants such as chicory, for a coffee tasting alternative.

Here are some of the benefits of making that swap;

  • Dandelion tea is a natural detoxifier and helps the liver to remove toxins
  • The tea is 100% caffeine-free, so it’s not likely to be what’s impacting your quality sleep!
  • The espresso taste alongside the health benefits makes it an irresistible swap for your addictive coffee beverage
  • Although it’s made into a tea by making a strong concentrate it can also be made into a latte, or however, you normally take your coffee
  • It’s a diuretic and helps with water retention, perfect for pre-holiday beach body prep!
  • It helps to strengthen the immune system

I don’t know about you but when someone gives me an alternative to my bad habits that are just as good but with more health benefits, I take action.


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