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The Importance of Female Bonding to Health

Harvard Medical School found in a study that the more friends a woman had, the less likely she was to develop physical impairments while aging and the more likely she was to lead a joyful life.

Our origins as social creatures (while the hunters went out to hunt) meant coming together to share responsibilities which, back then, was essential for safety and probably aided protection for the children, making bonding a natural way of life. Together we as females have access to a number of other health benefits that we can tap into by spending time together to bond.

We see so many examples of our instincts driving us to this, for example; craving a ‘girls night out’ so you can catch up on all the gossip, or never going to the women’s toilets alone.

As discussed in Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus (John Gray). Women communicate very differently and we are much more geared to working with emotions and softer approaches than a linear decision making or communication style.This is not to say  one-size-fits-all and that these approaches can’t also be nurtured, but the feminine characteristics to intuitively sense what is needed helps communication of problems and provides additional invaluable support when needed.

Studies have reported that in times of stress women’s bodies also release oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’ which can lead us to bond with other females, this would have been very helpful in the past when the group, or our children were in danger.

Many women’s experience nowadays may have damaged those sacred relationships of ‘sisterhood’. Or their relationships with their mothers have influenced their adult relationships with other women, so it’s important to establish personal boundaries including trust that allow you to be vulnerable with other women. If we consider that building bonds with other females can have the benefit of influencing our hormones in stressful periods then this can be a great resource to tap into at times of need.

I found that once I established a small group of women that I had mutual respect for, I could start to open up and make more powerful decisions in areas of my life where I needed support in a less practical way than what I was taught at university or in my early business career.

It’s not about having a large number of women that you can call a ‘troop’. But sometimes 2-3 very powerful bonds can make a huge difference. So consider;  who do you have those strong bonds with that can help you to create happiness in your life today?


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