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Ancient Chinese Tonic…Why it’s important to nurture the 3 treasures?

If you were told you could increase your longevity with ancient Chinese Medicine, would you want to consider it?

I recently incorporated more Chinese tonics into my everyday nutrition and was inspired to delve deeper into the ancient practices.

As we go through life, hopefully we can find ways to age more gracefully and although it may be tempting for others to find ways to defy death, others understand the inevitable, but would like to feel assured of a certain quality of life. In many cultures the elderly are treasured and adored for their wisdom, grace & knowledge. This seems to have been lost more recently, particularly in Western cultures.

For me, happiness comes in the form of feeling great day to day and ultimately, health is just so pivotal to this.

Although it can take decades to truly understand the wisdom that comes with ancient tonic herbs, I will share some ways in which the ancient Chinese applied their wisdom to increasing longevity.

Firstly, they believed in the 3 treasures:

Jing, Qi and Shen as the core of preventative health care. They didn’t believe that we wait until we are ill and then treat the illness.


Our longevity, passed through our genes from our parents and we build our own ‘post-natal’ Jing. We can liken Jing to candle wax.


Our lifeblood vitality, the amount of energy we have flowing through us and the ease in which it flows. Similar to the candle’s flame.


Our very essence, our spirit and higher consciousness. It resides in our heart and acts like the glow of the flame.

If we can incorporate tonic herbs such as Ginseng, Astragalus, Reishi and many more into our everyday routines we can nurture our three treasures and therefore our longevity.

Each and every one of us deserves a quality of life, where we feel the strength & ease in which the body truly wants to help us achieve our potential in life.

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