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How to avoid leaking excess energy?

I often escape to Bali and like many others have noticed my energy shift. I feel light, expansive, my writing flows, I wake up naturally at such an early time and I feel only joy!

Now, it’s not possible for us to jump on a flight to Bali every time we feel drained! So how can you go about creating a constant feeling of flow?

The question is, where are you leaking energy?

By maintaining a meditation practice and being conscious of nasal breathing as a way to keep the body in a less stressful state it has taught me to be very aware of the subtleties of the energy in my body. What do these subtleties tell us? They tell us when we are not enjoying an experience when we are in our “happy place” and what lights us up. Here’s what I’ve found:

We only have a limited amount of energy reserves in the body, the work done by our organs to ensure that this energy is distributed evenly to where it’s needed most with great efficiency so do we really wanna break this efficiency by losing energy? Imagine if you were carrying your favourite drink and the container developed a leak, wouldn’t you fix it?

Where are the common energy leakages?

Eating – 70% of our energy can be used in digesting our food. Ever felt that afternoon energy slump? Or what about that late evening meal where you roll into bed and crash? It’s important to eat lighter meals in the evening when metabolism is slower and also not to overeat creating a huge energy surge to digestion and away from where we may be wanting it most…e.g. our brain!

Relationships – I love being able to support others through their own journey, I mean I am a coach after all, but ever felt like you’ve given the advice to a friend who repeatedly asks for it but takes no actions on your recommendations? How draining is it the 3rd time, even the 4th time hearing them complain and asking you for help? Notice the energy leak?

Exercise – we know that keeping a healthy body through movement is one of our greatest resources but how many of us have signed up for gym memberships, dragged ourselves to the gym ultimately knowing that our body really wants to rest but our schedule or contract says…we must go 5 times a week!!! Wouldn’t a better version of self-care be to find a kinder movement for the day, for example, a detour to or from work that would allow a short walk

Work – what about that job that pays the bills but makes you lie in bed every morning dreading to go? What’s one step that you can take in that area to realign with your higher self that wants to be more fulfilled and be expressing itself with passion through work?

If you could conserve energy in any of these areas, imagine one part of your life that you could invest in? More time with family or loved ones, pursue a hobby, or even more benefits from the aspects of your life you already focus on.

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