Lumen is validated by peer-reviewed scientific research and its performance meets the gold-standard metabolic cart.


Cutting Edge Hardware meets Innovation.

The Lumen device employs a CO2 sensor and flow meter to ascertain the carbon dioxide concentration in your breath, elucidating whether your body is metabolizing fat or carbohydrates. This data informs the formulation of a tailored daily nutritional regimen.

Powered by the advanced Poly Ion battery, swift charging capabilities guarantee uninterrupted usage, ideal for extended business or leisure travels, with no requirement for recharging more than once every fortnight.

Compact yet formidable, Lumen effortlessly fits into your hand, pocket, or handbag, facilitating seamless measurements wherever and whenever needed.

Its understated allure seamlessly blends elegance, ergonomic design, and premium materials. The magnetic cap seamlessly attaches to the main device, enhancing its sleek aesthetic.

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