Go Good Protein Powder from New Zealand

Join the queue for protein. It’s the essential nutrient for healthy development. So why settle for protein that’s not clean, pure and unquestionable? Just put goodness in for good times out.


Go Good Protein Powder: It’s Personal. Like many young 20 year-olds, we grew up on commercial brand protein powders. Swayed by their flashy marketing and superstar endorsements, we bought it all…and in ignorance fed an industry that was actually doing more harm than good. The irony was these ‘healthy’ supplements shared many ingredients found in sugary sodas and confectionery.

Bringing It Home

As luck would have it, Go Good lived in a country with a reputation for producing some of the cleanest, highest quality protein powders – New Zealand. They got to work. By deliberately choosing real, organic fruits and superfoods to complement their blends, they created a purity and authenticity like never before, with a nutritional upside to boost.

Going Good

Their pure proteins were like a breath of fresh air in an industry not known for its transparency. They had real, raw ingredients with nothing nasty added. The nutritional profile was impressive and they tasted great. They then applied their passion for purity to the packaging – insisting on designs that were sustainable, plastic-free and awesome looking! Since then, thousands of smoothies and countless fist-pump yesses tell them they might be doing something good…

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