The Energy Optimisation Coach
I help purpose driven professionals prioritise their well-being so they have the energy and mental clarity to succeed at work and in their relationships.
Learn the 4 Focused Ways Our Executive Leaders and Entrepreneur Clients Get More Energy, A Lean Body, Mental Clarity & Deep Sleep
 Identify leaking energy 
Everyday we identify where parts of your life you leak energy unnecessary
Reset your energy
You can have it all! Success both personally and professionally
Thrive with clarity
Understand your unique blueprint to achieve energy optimisation

Be more present to the people you love.



I get it.

I understand that life has a lot of demands on you

 I have worked with hundreds of people, created businesses, communities and a framework for many to follow.

I’ve helped Entrepreneurs & Executive Leaders to understand their core energetic blueprint and how to protect it.

All whilst having success personally and professionally.

Optimising Energy
Ready to reset your energy? Here's how:
1. Identify where you are leaking energy?
Through my energy audit that includes bioresonance energy scans, I will assess all parts of you and your life and identify the plan for where to start.
 2. Energy Reset Recipe. 
I look at 4 major pillars, these important ingredients help us to bring harmony and using human design I review your unique energy blueprint to get clarity on your purpose and unique gifts. 
 3. With clarity to thrive. 
 Ready to optimise your energy and create healthier habits? Let’s work together to implement my personalised roadmap, the Energy Reset Recipe. Using your Human Design Reading and insightful coaching we’ll address any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. With my support, you’ll be able to implement the right habits that fit your lifestyle and prevent future setbacks. 

Calling heart centred entrepreneurs and executive leaders to optimise their energy so you can be of full service

Is an energy optimisation coach what I need?
I keep hearing I need to eat cleaner/plant based/ keto/ gluten-free, but I’m not sure if that’s right for me or how to go about it
I feel tired all the time and rarely feel refreshed after sleeping
I know what I should be eating, but I struggle to find the time to incorporate healthy eating habits into my hectic day-to-day schedule
I’m doing all of the ‘right’ things, but I can’t seem to lose weight
I feel sluggish, my energy levels are inconsistent, and I often hit a mid-afternoon slump
I want to lose weight but I can’t find a diet that works for me and is easy to maintain
I feel like my body isn’t functioning harmoniously but I’m not sure why despite my best efforts
I want to be able to perform consistently with 100% mental clarity at work
I don’t have the energy to invest in other people and relationships after a busy working day
My relationships are suffering due to my approach
I’m so busy at work and travel all the time that I struggle to maintain my healthy intentions
If I had more clarity on my purpose I wouldn’t lose so much energy
If I had more clarity on my purpose I wouldn’t lose so much energy
I’m sick of getting more information, I need the help to implement
I sense I am in this world to do something that makes a big impact but I don’t have clarity.

If any of these statements resonate with you it’s time to step into a new paradigm of energy optimisation.