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Why Journaling Removes Our Limiting Beliefs

95% of our thoughts come from our subconscious mind

The problem is when we want to impact change in our lives we must access our hidden beliefs. This is why we’re unable to meet our goals despite having the innate ability and information to do so.

I won’t deny it: I’m addicted to my personal growth because I have felt the power of doing my ‘inner work’. I love identifying the patterns of behaviours that keep me stuck in a place that is of no benefit to me. My inner work starts with noticing where I get triggered and having the awareness that this is an opportunity to heal an aspect of my neglected inner child.

I found that journaling was a vital missing part of my personal growth journey. I felt that my daily meditation, yoga and a good nutrition plan would be sufficient. Well, I was wrong!

The art of putting pen to paper and committing to this daily practice increases your self-awareness and provides self-reflection on poor behavioural patterns that need to be brought to light. 

Do you want to learn about yourself?

We have so many things to consider every day. It’s easy for things to be forgotten or worse still not addressed. Yet, just like bad programming in our computers, they sabotage our daily life and create extreme inefficiencies. So bringing them to light creates immediate results.

Don’t worry about time.

Just commit to writing down your feelings, emotions and anything that triggers you. The breakthroughs and ‘aha!’ moments will keep you motivated to keep up this practice

You’re not a good writer?

Journaling is for you, not to share with anyone. In fact, thinking this prevents you from restricting yourself whilst writing freely. It’s an act of self-love that allows you to grow. You don’t need to worry about spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, just be curious about what wants to pour out of you.

Our mental wellbeing is being tested every day with the pressures, constant distractions and commitments of modern-day living. Journaling will leave you feeling more grounded and able to prioritise your thoughts.

I hope you make journaling an effortless habit. After all, this is not the first time an ancient technique has been found to be so healing for the human psyche.

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