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This wholesome dish is a crowd winner and versatile. Whether its origins are French or Italian is under debate, but I love this as a healthier, high-protein bread replacement to place with any meal.



1 cup       Chickpea flour

1 cup       Water

2 tbsp      Extra virgin olive oil 

1 pinch    Salt


  • Place the flour into a medium mixing bowl

  • Make a well in the centre and slowly pour the water in the centre, stirring the flour in from the edge

  • Once you have a smooth batter add 1 tbsp of the oil and the salt and stir

  • Leave to rest for 30 minutes to absorb 

  • Whilst resting, preheat the oven at 200oc and then for the last 5 minutes turn to grill setting on high heat

  • Place a cast iron pan under the grill until hot

  • Once the time is up, place the remainder oil in the pan and circle until base is coated

  • Pour on the batter and place under the grill

  • The socca will take approx 10 minutes to become golden on the top and stay soft in the centre

  • When the edges look crispy its ready

  • Remove the cast iron pan and use a spatula to transfer to a serving board


  • You will need a cast iron pan to seal well, I use a 10 inch for this recipe
  • There are so many ingredients you can place inside or on top, my favourite is fresh rosemary and sea salt
  • This makes an excellent gluten free pizza base also