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Importance of Food Preparation

Do you find yourself grateful that on Monday you can start afresh?

Whatever happened the week before, or at the weekend, can almost be forgiven as we say, “ok new week, new start”?

Monday starts great, good intentions carry into Tuesday, we may even get in a workout but then the old habits start to slide in.

You wake up late, no time for breakfast, but coffee perhaps? The workload starts to pile up, going out for lunch has to take a backseat so you grab what you can at your desk, by the evening you’re exhausted and a big, satisfying comfort meal makes all the stress go away?.

These are the perpetual habits I see from most of my clients who when they start working with me have not yet managed to master the art of food preparation.

You see, willpower is not enough! Why? Well, our genetic make-up designed us to crave highly sugar-based food (carbs convert to sugar) and we create instability in our blood sugar by skipping meals, we’re overstimulated through caffeine when our body is tired. All this will lead us directly towards making poor food choices. Our caveman genetics knew that sugar was an instant form of energy & doesn’t really care that our modern brain wants us to crave & choose food that will allow us to maintain a certain aesthetic appearance as well as a tank of energy that can fuel long days of burning the candle!

Food Prep Sunday has become part of my life because;

  1. My willpower will lead me to foods that don’t serve me well
  2. I don’t have time to cook hearty meals or even think about what I want to eat once the week has started
  3. I don’t want to yo-yo diet

We all have way too much to think about every day, so I developed this simple formula to my food prep days, which allows me to have quick go-to’s, that can be assembled easily or create a meal in very little time ie: 15 minutes or less;

  1. Cook 1-2 starchy vegetables or carbohydrate, eg rice, oats, sweet potato, pumpkin
  2. Have 3-4 easy vegetable options eg mixed salad leaves, roasted carrots, frozen spinach, tomatoes, avocado
  3. Have 2-3 protein choices pre-boiled eggs, roast chicken, baked tofu, cooked lentils

These items prepared & cooked where relevant on Sundays give me the freedom to just assemble based on what I fancy & of course what needs eating first.

Preparing your meals in advance minimises failures and above all allows you to sustain a long term healthy lifestyle


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