How does the program cater to my busy schedule? 
The program is crafted with your hectic schedule in mind. You have access to the calendar to book the timing that suits, a team that supports questions you have & 5 years of online resources ensure that you can seamlessly integrate into your personal and professional comittments
 What makes the Health Concierge different from other wellness initiatives? 
Unlike traditional wellness programs, our approach is holistic and highly curated addressing the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and executive leaders. We combine 10 years of personalised coaching, lifestyle plans, cutting edge technology, your unique energy interpretations and the Energy Reset Recipe roadmap to bring the most insightful and research backed insights.
 How do you ensure the program is personalised to my needs? 
The program commences with a comprehensive energy audit evaluation of your physical, emotional and mental body, your personal & professional  challenges, and preferences. With nearly 10 years of experience interpreting human design, I will use your unique body graph to implement your plan. In addition, I use evolutionary science, quantum physics and cutting edge technology to check your unique energy levels and identify leaks.
 What kind of support can I expect throughout the program? 
You will receive continuous support through regular check-ins, coaching sessions, community gathering invites and access to a growth minded network. I am committed to guiding you through your journey, providing encouragement, and helping you stay on track.
Is the program suitable for individuals with specific dietary preferences or restrictions? 
Absolutely. Our approach is adaptable to various dietary preferences and restrictions. The personalised nutrition plan with a focus on heritage eating takes, the lifestyle of a social and time constraint leader into account and considers your individual needs, ensuring a realistic and sustainable approach to nutrition
Is there a trial period or money-back guarantee? 
While we don't offer a trial period, we are confident in the transformative impact of our program. If, after your first session, you have concerns and feel the program isn't the right fit for you, simply notify us within 24 hours of completion. We will promptly process a refund for the program cost, deducting $300 for the initial coaching session. Kindly submit your refund request to hello@elika.co. For complete terms, refer to our Terms and Conditions.
Achieve Harmony in Your Personal and Professional Life with The Health Concierge
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If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to message us HEREas this could be your last chance to purchase the program.