Elika Coaching

Providing the truth about nutrition, creating balance through sustainable lifestyle changes. giving you more time, confidence & energy


When I started working with Elika, I wanted to get rid of fat, sleep better and ultimately find real balance in my life.

She understood perfectly my highs and lows through the circle of life and helped me to incorporate small but game changer improvements into my everyday lifestyle.

Now I sleep better, my skin is glowing and I feel more positive about myself and my life.  I understand how food affects my body and mind and how I can nourish them properly.

I really enjoyed working with Elika, she is knowledgeable and a down-to-earth person who constantly encourages and adds more positive vibes.


My Coaching Programs

My coaching programs provide you one on one support and accountability so that you can achieve your health goals!

Elika's 10 Day Energy Reset

Get the nutrition reset you need in order to feel the body in its optimal state

Elika's 12 Week Program 

Get more accountability and lifestyle changes to achieve your health goals

Elika's 24 Week Program

Ultimate sustainability and accountability on the lifestyle changes in order to achieve your health goals