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The 3 ways to sustainable health

  Gyms are losing up to 50% memberships that have subscribed within the same year and its considered that up to 95% of diets fail With these alarming statistics it’s worth considering a sustainable approach to maintaining good health. When looking at our health, it’s important to see this through a balanced lense, that is […]

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The Importance of Female Bonding to Health

Harvard Medical School found in a study that the more friends a woman had, the less likely she was to develop physical impairments while aging and the more likely she was to lead a joyful life. Our origins as social creatures (while the hunters went out to hunt) meant coming together to share responsibilities which, […]

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How to notice your self sabotage?

Why would anyone want to sabotage themselves for the things that create happiness? Well, it turns out that this is a common trait on the way to achieving long terms goals. Typically it’s based on our fears or limiting beliefs that we have created over time. The most common self-sabotage I see in my profession […]

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I drank only coconut water for 11 days!

The buzz words “Intermittent Fasting” are becoming very familiar, but what about “Autophagy”?   Auto coming from the word “self” and phagein “to eat”. This is literally the process that happens in the body when fasting occurs and cells are broken down and therefore regeneration of newer cells occur. I had been benefiting from intermittent […]

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