self care and sleep health

Should sleep be your health goal?

But it?s 3am!!!! This is the statement that I feel is on repeat and have experienced all too often. These days I can pinpoint to 2 or 3 precise actions and when I’m doing those actions I know the end result is going to be this statement. You see insomnia has always plagued my adult […]

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elika fit coffee

Is coffee good for you?

Are you hearing conflicting information over whether coffee is good or bad for you? That’s because coffee is a controversial food group. Actually, the coffee bean is a plant source and therefore “real food” i.e. it’s not considered as a processed food, which is usually the first thing a lot of us have to remove […]

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elika fit dairy intolerance

Is it time to remove dairy?

The gurgles, the bubbles, loose stools and then looking down to notice that your stomach resembles a balloon. Sound familiar? Those are some of the symptoms of lactose intolerance. So why remove dairy (& specifically cow’s milk) from your diet? One of the things that frustrates me is how, as humans, we have somehow evolved […]

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elika fit foot preparation

Importance of Food Preparation

Do you find yourself grateful that on Monday you can start afresh? Whatever happened the week before, or at the weekend, can almost be forgiven as we say, ?ok new week, new start? Monday starts great, good intentions carry into Tuesday, we may even get in a workout but then the old habits start to […]

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Small meals often or a few big meals?

To answer this question you must understand what is a snack & why are you snacking? What is a Snack? Snacking is the small meals that we have in-between the largest meals, typically they can be around 200 calories and keep us going until the next meal. Why are you snacking? Is it because your […]

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