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Baked Crunchy Seed Frittata

  • Author: Elika Tasker
  • Yield: 1 portion


This baked frittata is one of my ‘go to’ low carb recipes, especially when I’m focused on high protein meals. I love recipes like this that you can alter a few ingredients like the spices, toppings and it feels like a whole new recipe. You can also batch cook this recipe so I will share with you how to make one and increase the amounts for the main ingredients. 


¼ tsp        Baking powder

2               Fresh organic eggs 

½ tsp        Coconut flour

¼ tsp        Coconut oil

1 tbsp       Almond flour

1 clove     Finely slice garlic

1 stalk      Thyme leaves

1 tsp         Olive oil

1 tbsp       Pumpkin seeds

1 tbsp       Sunflower seeds

Cracked Black Pepper and salt to season


  • preheat over and grease a large ramekin with coconut oil

  • Toast seeds in a small frying pan with olive oil, salt and thyme

  • Whisk eggs and remainder ingredients together with salt and pepper in a small bowl

  • Pour mixture into ramekin 

  • Bake for 20 mins or until eggs have risen above the top of the ramekin

  • Remove from oven and leave to cool for a few minutes

  • Pour over seed topping 


I love adding extra seasoning such as oregano or paprika to the egg batter mix

You can place a toothpick in the egg mixture to check if cooked, the pick will come out clean when ready