Your 12-Week Holistic Health Concierge
A Personalized Roadmap and World Class Support To Experience Your Optimal Energy and Well-Being As A High Performance Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Executive Leader

Calling all High Performers, Business Executives, Leaders and Entrepreneurs:

You have achieved much success in your business. Your dedication, drive, creativity, and personal resilience has paid off in spades. Your achievements are an inspiration, well done!

You know, however, that your health is your true wealth.

To take your business to the next level, you now see clearly that prioritizing your wellbeing will give you the mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional balance you need for this next chapter of your journey.

This 12-Week Holistic Health Concierge with Elika was designed for you.

When was the last time you got to speak to someone who was present only for you about your health goals?
Be supported by your trusted advisor and concierge for your health. Elika Tasker, Nutrition & Energy Coach will be your guide in this one-on-one personalized program to guide you to build your realistic, healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of this service is to work in partnership to take the incremental steps needed to experience a lean body, increased energy, mental clarity and deep restorative sleep.

Get ready to build habits that last for a lifetime that create a ripple effect in your business and personal success.

The best part?

You will achieve your results without yo-yo dieting or intensive exercise.

At each step, you will be guided to transform your life and your health through expert coaching, powerful insights and implementation support that fit your body & lifestyle requirements.

We will work together through a proven model based on four core pillars:

Build The Foundation for Your "Wellth"

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

Every mammal has its own diet, humans have a diet that we have moved away from. When a mammal eats the correct diet its health is optimised.

A focus on nutrient density and not calories gets more out of everything we eat.

Lets personalise the foods you eat so we speak to your microbiome and DNA


Did you know that when we sit down electrical activity shuts off in the leg muscles?

The human body was designed to move. Exercises give us more energy. Are your movement patterns personalized for your body?


Business leaders that have a well-defined purpose contribute to business success. Let’s use 5 ancient principles to interpret your purpose so you can have clarity, leading to less stress, more recognition and fulfillment in your life.

Healthy relationships are one of the pillars of your well-being this is because, they provide you with life energy that nurtures you from within. We will examine and create a strong network for you.


Mindfulness (being present) impacts our mental wellbeing! When we are anxious we lose energy to focus on our business.

At the end of your 12 week experience with Elika, you will have personalised self-care tools to boost energy, create a lean strong body, gain mental clarity and deep restorative sleep.

As with your business success, you may experience new challenges along the way and may even fall off track from your wellness plan – but with the tools, habits and knowledge you receive through this Concierge Experience, you will know exactly what to do to get back on track, as well as the exact signs and strategies to keep you balanced.

How it Works

1. You will share with me what your greatest health goal and what you would consider to be a big achievement related to your health.

2. We will analyse together your strong and weak pillars  in our energy audit.

3. Elika will create and support you with a personalised service, tailored specifically to your lifestyle, your time, and concerns.

Please note: I am not the kind of nutritionist who is gonna tell you not to drink alcohol or eat out. I will give you options and YOU will decide what's best for you.

What You Will Receive:

Full support from an expert and trusted advisor with over 10 years of experience.


Weekly on track call to gain insights for the week.


1 monthly in person implementation support & Energy Audit assessment.


Connection to the resources and health practitioners suitable for course correction.


Direct personalised contact with me with immediate support with All your Qs answered ASAP  through whats app voice messaging.


Creation of meal plans, recipes, supplements, nutrient boosters, technology support.


Your helper is invited to be part of my Nutrition and Culinary Program 


Interpretation of health results and adaptations to implement.


Access to me and my professional, holistic and medical network.


Purpose reading to give you clarity on what you're here to do!


Guidance & ongoing  course correction.


Gut testing review

Bonus material

Elika's Shopping List.


Pantry Makeover.


A quick 'swap list' guide.


Recipe Cards.


Weight Loss 'Bonus Sheet'.


Adaptogens list.

What Clients Say About
The Concierge Service

Elika changed my way of approaching not just to food, but also to lifestyle.

She did it in a totally sustainable way and 18 months later I can still keep up with what she has taught me.

She tailors your plan into your life so the changes are subtle but long lasting.

I particularly liked her 80:20 rule so you never feel guilty about letting in a bit of the bad stuff!
I came to Elika after returning to work after five months' maternity leave with no energy, low on sleep and not believing that I could pull myself back together.

She didn't just help me to turn things round for myself and get back on track, but she taught me life long lessons of how to reenergise yourself and keep balance in your life.

Can't recommend her highly enough!


Elika has amazingly positive energy; and knowledge and insight within health, and creating and obtaining balance, that really stands out.

Elika has really filtered through a lot of the relevant info, and research-based facts, that one needs in order to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Even when no major changes are needed - but when optimising on health and balance is the goal. Being able to cut through to those important pieces directly is so valuable for anyone wanting efficiency.


If I had to sum up in one phrase what I got from my first one-on-one consultation with Elika, it would be, eye opening.
I consider myself an informed individual, but Elika was able to enlighten me on a few very basic things (scientifically and human backed) that altered my perspective on a number of things.
I have come away filled with the confidence not only to build my own nutrition and movement routine, but more importantly the confidence that I will be able to undertake and complete this program.
I genuinely look forward to the rest of the journey!


Elika is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and she embodies what she teaches. Her style is authentic and practical. Everything was easy to take from class and start weaving into my life.
She also created the safe space for me to really dig deep and be truly honest about what was impacting my goals - the fears and doubts - and with that awareness I am kinder with myself, and a little bit braver to tackle my challenges.


"Wow I still can't believe it! Thank you for this incredible journey, I feel like I have really grown."


My ‘aha’ moments so far are…my nature to control every aspect of my life and those around me might be negatively impacting me both physical and mentally.

Get started today by Joining this transformational program. 
5,000 SGD

You’ll get to lose weight and keep it off.


You’ll get to have a life where exercise is not a chore.


You’ll get to have success in your relationships.


You’ll get deep restorative sleep.


You’ll have the energy to work, travel and be present for others.


You’ll incorporate your travel, eating out and responsibilities.


You’ll have simple techniques to remove stress immediately.


You’ll have the clarity to make your business thrive.


You’ll see success personally and professionally.

My Goals are
your Goals

Being well rested so you can make great decisions.


Physically, emotionally and mentally strong for peak performance.


Able to lead your employees with high energy.


Look and feel confident when you present yourself to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to exercise?

I do not like to consider exercise as a sustainable way to look at long term health because many of my clients have had gruelling fitness plans that have created havoc on their hormones, have not connected them to love their bodies and haven’t given them a long term realistic plan.

Instead, we will assess your lifestyle demands and find what are the realistic ways we can find 'movement' for you every day that you love.

Q: What if I have travel plans?

A: This personalised concierge experience is designed to create habits that can become rituals that fit seamlessly into your life. Travel is a normal part of most of my client’s lives, as are social gatherings that include food & drink and therefore the work we do together always has to be realistic to your needs, ultimately we are co-creating a healthy lifestyle plan together.

Q: Will I have to cut out booze?

A: I don't ask my clients to remove alcohol but I work with them on whats their relationship with alcohol. I enjoy conscious drinking but it's important for you to know when is enough.

Q: Can I eat all my favourite foods?

A: We focus on the replacement of processed food items rather than a restrictive mentality of a list of 'can't haves. We provide a 'swap list' which helps to consider alternatives and you typically find yourself eating more of the traditional comfort foods from your culture as we personalise your nutrition and move away from mainstream diet trends.

Q: Do I need to buy expensive healthy food?

A: There is no need to buy any supplements or additional premium health brands, the foods you eat can be purchased on the high street. Healthy food doesn’t need to be expensive if you source locally 'in season' produce. For example, if you are in the tropics and are eating mangos and coconuts this is inexpensive but in the same place, you could be trying to eat strawberries & blueberries that have been imported and are therefore an extortionate price, not to mention have lost nutrient value in their transit. I give my clients all the ‘insider tips’ from my chef life to how to create a budget proof, high-end nutrition.

Q: What is the purpose of the plan?

A: To get my client to achieve what they feel is unachievable with their health goals due to lack of knowledge, experience or support. A completely personalised support so they can have success both personally and professionally. 

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: That all depends on your goal & discipline.  Not everyone will want to lose weight and the plan is intended to get the body working optimally through more energy. For most people that will result in fat loss but as you will be eating whole unprocessed foods and working through every part of your lifestyle that impacts your energy, you will find weight loss a bonus to working with me.

Q: Do I need to be a great cook?

A: No you don't. As someone who was a home cook before running a commercial kitchen, I teach you the best of both worlds, how to use local, affordable ingredients to create fast and flavoursome meals. However, I also give you the insider tips of commercial kitchens to help you to understand how to make healthy choices when eating out or match suitable meal planning operators with you.

Q: Is it suitable for vegans & vegetarians or people with strict dietary requirements?

A: As a plant-based chef with a flexitarian approach to my diet,  I work with you to guide you how to understand your bodies needs intuitively so that you are able to decide which foods are serving you well. I also transform a ton of resources and research into smaller manageable information so that you can make informed decisions on what diet choices are best for you. 

During this experience you will be guided to become more connected to what you eat and how it makes you feel. Those with food allergies should not eat any food they are allergic to and will also learn more about those other foods that are creating imbalance. I also recommend that you consult your doctor on any questions you have around your current health concerns or requirements whilst on the program.

Qualified functional medicine doctors are highly recommended and can be also found at This program is not designed for someone looking to cure a progressive or terminal disease.

Q: Can you guarantee I will get results?

A: If you take the actions that we will agree in every session that are realistic and use the support of my network you will get results. You will find this whole experience transformative. I have a ton of resources available online, videos that show my style of education and my beliefs, my website that covers my nutrition recipes and informative blogs. This gives you an insight into how I approach coaching.

Q: What happens after the 12 weeks?

A: Many of my clients continue to work with me on maintenance sessions when they feel they want extra support, they stay in my online private groups to get wider community support or they stay connected with me on my social media platforms. 

Have another question?

If you have any questions or you just want to talk to me about deciding what to do next, then I would love to hear from you, just contact me and let's talk.

Get started today.

If you are serious about taking action on your health and need to know how?

I can't wait to support you in your health goals!

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